We want you and your crazy creative self! If you’ve always wanted to write now is your chance.

We can’t be everywhere at once and there are a ton of fitness/CF related events we’d love to know about. Then there are the Paleo recipes we missed out on, the sport injuries we could have prevented, the best spots for an active vacation, and so many other topics that our readers crave. But sadly we just can’t we can’t be everywhere at once.

That is where you come in!

Whether your article is “ten ways to get a sub 2:00 min Fran time”, or “Khalipa was my Limo Driver”, we don’t care. We want the goods!

So if you’ve ever wanted to be read by trillions (well actually 5) of our loyal readers, contact us today.

Writers may provide a link back to their own site and may include a short bio at the end of the article. 

You agree that All submissions, including photos are original work and that photos have all necessary releases signed prior to submission and you own the rights to submit both the written article and media being submitted.

You also agree to hold Bilderz.com and Fischer Studios harmless should any suite arise out of publication from the materials you submitted and take full responsibility for any legal action taken against the article, or use of the media you supplied.

You also agree that Bilderz.com and Fischer Studios has the right to publish material you submit, and may, re-re-use, re-purpose, re-publish, or sell any of the material you submit in whole or in part with no compensation to you or any third party without prior written approval. For more info.


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