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10 must have pieces of equipment for your Biggest Loser home gym

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If you watch the biggest loser you may be wondering what gear they use. Well the answer is easy, a lot of different stuff. One thing is sure, they all use cardio and circuit training to some extent.

While much of the larger pieces of equipment are out of reach for the average person, that doesn’t mean you can get a killer workout with some of the basics used in the show.

Check out some of the products by Rogue Fitness. If you watch the show at all you will notice Rogue Gear all over the place. Why Rogue? Simple, Rogue means quality. The CrossFit community has known this for years, and now so do the people on the Biggest Loser.

Buy Rogue, you won’t be disappointed.

  1. Plyo Box - is a must have for conditioning. Pick a shorter size when beginning, then gradually move up in height. I like the multi-height boxes for more versatility.

  2. Jump Rope – One of the most under utilized pieces of equipment in a gym. Ever see a fat boxer? Nope, didn’t think so. A jump rope is one of the cheapest and yet most effective pieces of workout gear you can own. Use them daily and watch the inches melt away.

  3. Medicine Balls – The workouts you can do with these are crazy. We’re not talking the hard medicine balls of the past. Dynamax Medicine Balls are soft, yet take a beating. From wall balls, to Medicine Ball cleans, these are a great effective way to add some variety to your workout.

  4. Dumbbells – The dumbbell is a must have. With these you can do shoulder presses, thrusters, chest presses, farmer carry’s and so much more. You can’t pack a full barbell in your luggage or carry one in your car, but with dumbbells you can. You have a portable gym wherever you go.

  5. Rower – A low impact crazy cardio workout is what you get. Concept 2 is the go to rower for everything fitness. Buy something else and you’ll wish you didn’t. If you are gonna spend any money on a larger piece of equipment, this is your best bet. It isn’t cheap, but so, so worth it.

  6. Pull-Up Bar – For many an un-assisted pull-up may be out of the question for a while, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get started. Pull-ups should be your go to source for back exercises. If you have space in your garage, get a bar and use your new Plyo-Box to do jumping pull-ups until you build the strength to do them un-assisted. Want a strong great looking back? Pull-ups are the key.

  7. Bands – These are a must have for mobility. If you have mobility issues, as most of us do, these can help. They can also be used to assist in other exercises like pull-ups , aerobics, jumping and more.

  8. Workout Mat – There are many choices out there, but if you need a great workout mat that gets rave reviews, and rolls up, this can’t be beat.

  9. Shoes – There are so many types of shoes on the market it’s crazy. I’ve tried most. Some I like, some I can’t stand. The hardest part is finding one shoe that allows you to do everything.

    Run, lift, jump and climb. In the past you’d have to have three pairs to do everything you wanted. Then Reebok cam up with Nanos. They are super tough and take a beating. They are lightweight and the CrossFit community raves over them. I personally have a pair that is three years old, goes through at least two grueling workouts a day, and are still going strong.

    Treat your feat and don’t skimp.

  10. Clothes – Make sure you wear something comfortable that won’t get in the way of your workout. Get some clothes that were designed for workouts.
    Rogue carries a full line of apparel that won’t disappoint.

While this is not an official list from The Biggest Loser, it does contain general equipment that is used in circuit training. The gear is basic, and so should be your workouts. Forget about getting complex. If you don’t have a clue as where to start, they do offer a biggest loser workout DVD on their site. If cash is an issue, I have a free workout guide you can check out here.

See you on the beach


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