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5 Things you should NOT be doing during your workouts.

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I believe in telling things like they are. I am not a fluffy rainbows type of guy that tells you what you want to hear, instead I believe in telling you what you need to hear. 


So you and others succeed!

What you should NOT be doing during your workouts.

1. Talking – If you can talk, or more to the point, hold a full conversation about your day, how your kids are doing, what you’re planning for dinner, or anything longer than a grunt or two, you are not working hard enough.

The workouts are meant to push you, but they are only effective if you give them your all.

A couple of points to consider.

A. You may be distracting others you’re working out next to. I know of one person who has asthma and absolutely has to control her breathing when exercising. If anyone distracts her, its inhaler time. If she is able to lock everything out, she can control it.

B. The person you’re talking to is actually dying from exhaustion and only hears blah, blah, blah and is plotting to punch you in the face if you utter one more word. – Just kidding, but maybe not.

C. You have just wasted a full day of training by not giving it your all.

In short… zip it and push your workouts hard. Pay attention to what your body is telling you. Concentrate on your breathing, or the myriad of other things you need to work on. 

I promise it won’t kill you to not talk to your best buddy for 7-20 minutes. Your body will thank you, and maybe a few other people will as well. 

2. Looking around during lifts – Even though (for many of you) you’re only lifting PVC, now is the time to perfect your form. 

I know PVC isn’t all that glamorous, and might even seem boring, but your lifting it for a reason!

Your form needs work!

Two things that looking around says.

A. Hey I’m bored and I got this.


B. I’m not focusing on what I’m doing.

If you can’t get your form down with no weight, there is absolutely no way you can safely add weight without risk of injury to yourself or even others.

Injuries can range from something as minor as a strained neck, or something much more serious like a missed lift that you drop on yourself due to lack of concentration. 

Concentrate on EVERY rep and pay attention!

3. Doing someone else’s workout - We all love to give support, but even though it’s a group class, IT’S YOUR WORKOUT. 

That’s right YOUR workout.

You will always be better at something than someone else, and they will always be better at other things than you. 

Support others is great, but not when it impacts your own workout and possible growth.

When holding back during a workout to ensure you’re not hurting someones feelings, you’re not just hurting yourself. You’re telling the other person that they are hanging with the rest of the group. That hurts their progress because they think they are farther along than they really are.

Friendly competition fuels a desire to succeed. For most people, coming in last consistently drives them to work harder, and that is the ultimate goal during training.

4. Coaching – One thing that can stop someone from reaching their goal is bad input.

Typically a coach has noticed numerous things about the person they are working with and is correcting small things. Think baby steps. They wont throw the whole kitchen sink at someone all at once. 

The cues and corrections your coach has have given you, may not work on someone else, and your advice may actually confuse them. 

So don’t coach, workout.

If you are interested in coaching, cool. Talk to your coach, tag along, learn, take some courses, get some certs under your belt, then and only then start dropping advice.

5. Complaining about the workout – You might not like the workout, but doing the things you are actually bad at will make you better. This also applies to the scaling that your coach gives you.

If you are told to do less weight, do a shorter distance etc, this is because you are either not ready to do the prescribed weight, or that doing the workout without scaling could cause injury. 

This does not mean that you can’t question or even refrain from doing a workout completely, if you think it’s unsafe. But don’t just refuse a workout because you don’t like it (burpees, wall balls etc.)

Constantly varied means just that, CONSTANTLY VARIED. The workouts aren’t designed to make you love them; they are designed to be effective.

If you want easy, visit your local gym.

See you on the beach.



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