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6 diet tips to a killer body in six months.

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So what is the secret to getting that great body you've always wanted? Well, sorry to say it’s not exercise. Not exercise alone that is. Without a change to your diet, you will never get the results you want. To make things simple, here are six tips that will get you well on your way to reaching your goals.

1.     Cut the drinks – First month out cut out the sugary drinks. This sound easy but I mean ALL sugary drinks. If it isn’t water, don’t drink it. No sugar free this or that, no sodas, no iced tea, etc. Water only. To accomplish this start simple, cut out the drinks a couple days a week and work up to zeroby the end of the month.

2.     Cut the portions – If you eat portions like a whale, you’ll look like one. You don’t need to eat an entire side of beef in on sitting I promise. Like step one start out small, you’re stomach will shrink over time and you won’t notice you’ve cut back on the food. Most professional athletes consume far less calories per day than many normal people, and yet they are doing far more work to burn off those calories in the day. The average person should be eating around a fist size portion per meal (this is not a perfect way to measure food, but a great start). If you are eating larger portions, slowly reduce the amount you need. There is not one size fits all here, but I promise you need to cut back to look great.

3.     Change your food – During month three you should start to watch what you eat. Cut out the starches, bread and sweets. Your diet should mainly consist of meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, a little fruit, some starch and NO sugar. I know this sounds horrible for most people, but once you learn to eat this way, it will do wonders for both your looks and how you feel. Here is a link to more resources on this type of diet and all the science behind it.

4.     Reduce the temptations – Month 4, take the temptations out by making a dedicated junk food cupboard in your kitchen. We all have a cheat day now and then, but the temptation is just to great when we’re hungry to go for the easy snack. Put the junk up and out of the way so you don’t have to look at it on a daily basis. In our home we have been doing this for several years and it works great.

5.     Keep it stocked – On month five you should focus on keeping your kitchen stocked with all the food you SHOULD be eating. There is nothing worse than knowing you should be eating healthy only to find out nothing is defrosted, and the only available food is the frozen pizza in the freezer.

My wife ensures that meat is defrosted early each day, and that there are fresh vegetables on hand for each meal. In addition, we plan our meals (even cheat days) to make life easier on ourselves. Don’t get caught cheating when you don’t have to.

6.     Get others involved – Month six is all about getting those around you involved. Introduce others to what you are doing, by doing so you will create a small support system that will help you when the going gets tough. As your support system grows, it will make it easier to stick to the changes you made because others will hold you accountable.

In the end it’s totally up to you to make a change. There are a great many things you can do to look great but major change won’t come overnight. Remember, it took years to get the way you are today; it will take time and effort to get fit.

These tips show you how to change your diet slowly so you’ll stick with it. Check back soon for an article about “How to get in killer shape fast.


See you on the beach.

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