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Are you better off than you were four years ago?

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I can honestly say no. I have less money, business is still slow, the prices are still up and things don’t seem to be getting any better. I don’t believe most other people are doing better either. So what’s the solution? What if you’re not REALLY excited about either candidate? What if some of what they say on both sides makes a little sense?

Sorry I have no answers.

I do know that doing the same thing again and again when it failed before is kind of silly.

I was watching the Democratic convention last night and I sort of agreed with their message. I agree that there are people who NEED assistance. For example the single mom who lost everything and can’t make ends meet. The young kid who is growing up poor and can’t make it any other way. There are people out there that need help, but what about the large majority that don’t? How come I have to work so hard and have less for my family to support them?

I understand that we can’t eliminate all services just because of a few bad apples as, someone put it, but what if there’s more than a few bad apples. What if there is an entire orchard; what if there is an entire farm of bad apples, then what?

Where does the free ride end? There are no checks and balances on this stuff, we have to keep giving, people keep taking, and it seems the middle class takes the brunt of the abuse.

On one hand you have the ultra rich, that do skate through on taxes (yet I don’t think they should pay more because they make more, they just need to pay their fair share), then you have the people who get government assistance complaining that their services are being taken away, all the while many are scamming the system themselves (hypocrites).

In a recent conversation I had with someone, I summed up the freeloader argument like this, “Hey Mr. Rich Fat Cat, you need to pay more in taxes so I can get my financial aid check, so I can go buy the newest version of HALO at Gamestop.”

Something has got to give; at one end you have people not helping out. At the other end you have a massive sucking tumor that has grown out of control. What we need is a fix, and honestly I don’t see how either party will fix this mess. 

I do know that I’m not better off than I was four years ago, and I don’t think giving a guy more time to fix a problem he’s hasn’t even begun to fix in four years is the answer.

Sure there are those that will disagree, like the ones who gets free services. To them Obama is the greatest thing since sliced cheese, but if you’re one of the ones paying for it all, well you know my opinion.

Just some random thoughts.

  1. If you still live off your parents, don’t pay your rent, or receive financial aid, sorry but I don’t value your opinion on the matter. You just haven’t lived enough to know what you’re talking about or you’re one of the freeloaders who wants a free ride for life.

  2. If you get all your information from a professor see number 1.

  3. If you’re a life long recipient of welfare, have eight kids and are pregnant again “Hint: you’re the problem”.

  4. If you’re an able-bodied male or female and are eighteen or older, you have no excuse. (I lived in a trailer growing up, drank powdered milk, sold “pop” bottles for money and joined the military because we couldn’t afford college”, If I could do it, so can you.

  5. I, your neighbors and society as a whole owes you nothing. Get up and do something, because I for one am sick of paying for you.

  6. I’m scared for my kids future, I’m afraid that if things continue, “The REAL HAVE NOT’s, (The middle class) will rise up when they get sick of everyone living off their backs and revolt in some way. Who knows what will happen, but civil wars have been started for less.


There, my rant is complete. I can’t wait for the responses. More than likely I’ll get a few telling me I’m wrong and that if we only paid more taxes we could continue to pay for everything and more. 

I’ll get some complaining that this is a fitness blog and not a place for politics.

Or I might get an e-mail outlining how the Evil State Worker Unions caused this whole mess, all the while forgetting that this whole mess got started with the banking industry around five or six years ago.

Either way, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one. Luckily for you, we live in America, where people have fought and died for your right to have that opinion, even though it’s wrong.

See you in the hills. 


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