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Dieting with coffee - Is Caffeine Good or Bad for Weight Loss?

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We all know coffee's been one of the main subjects of discussion when it comes to its influence on weight gain or actually losing weight. And somehow, no matter how seriously we took every other little thing we read about dieting, we simply couldn't give up coffee. And why would we? It's tasty, its rich smell is the best smell in the world in the morning, it keeps us energetic and... well, we just love it!

Imagine having someone tell you that one of your favorite drinks in the world can actually help you lose weight? Awesome! And that's exactly what researches have been saying about coffee – that is, about caffeine in coffee!

So, here's what the research has been saying about caffeine...

Apparently, caffeine acts as a stimulant provoking thermogenic response. This means you'll burn more calories because your metabolism will speed up. Great news is, especially for us women is that caffeine acts as a diuretic which means it will help us lose all this water weight we're carrying in our bodies (short-term yes, but better something than anything, right?). Don't make it a celebration just yet – other studies have suggested that caffeine raises blood sugar. Meaning, insulin levels will raise and convert the extra sugars into body fat. Further, there have been cases of people reacting strongly to caffeine where their cravings for food were stimulated and hence their weight loss made more difficult.

What do we need to know about Caffeine as a Diuretic?

What all of us need to understand is that its effect is a short-term thing. All weight that's lost thanks to caffeine is just water weight, not fat. So, using coffee drinks with caffeine as a regular dietary drill, isn't going to be effective on the long run. Also, abusing caffeine can and will eventually lead to a dangerous potassium deficiency.

How is Caffeine connected to Thermogenic Properties?

Caffeine is thermogenic, meaning it will speed up your metabolism, burning more calories. Foods that make your heart beat faster, such as cayenne pepper are thermogenic and they contribute to weight loss. In fact, if you look at any of the dietary pills boxes you'll see that ingredients of those pills are nothing else but these spicy foods and caffeine. The problem with caffeine consumption is that its abuse will lead to jitters, insomnia and heart palpitations.

What ways do we combine Caffeine and Exercise?

An interesting fact comes to focus: When consumed about 30 minutes before a workout, caffeine helps your body convert fat to energy more efficiently! Great, right? Plus, caffeine intake may improve exercise performance – you'll more likely to work out harder and longer and consequently burn more calories.

What is the link between Caffeine and Blood Sugar?

Caffeine is known to slightly raise blood sugar levels and impair insulin action. In terms of losing weight, this pretty much means that glucose (that is, blood sugar) determines if your body stores fat or burns it as energy. Pancreas produces insulin which moves the sugar to the cells when blood sugar is elevated. Your body is informed whether there is enough glucose and if yes, to start storing it.

Problem is, too much sugar may get stored which will leave you feeling hungry and craving more sugar which is the beginning of eating on nervous basis, without your body actually needing all you eat. This will then lead to weight gain.

I'd say the key is in moderation. Now that you know all pros and cons of caffeine on weight gain/loss, you'll be smart enough to know what (not) to do. Right?

Guest Author Bio:

Christopher Holloway,fitness and health trainer.

He excelled in personal training and fitness industry for over 8 years. Chris likes to share his experience and passion for leading healthy and happy life with those around him.

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