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Do you need an Automatic External Defibrillator AED for your gym?

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This past week I got the shock (No pun intended) of reading an article which stated that as a trainer, I made need to have an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) on hand depending on my individual State requirements. 

Then the scare factor set in, because they are not cheap.

So I began researching the requirements in California, and the more I searched, the more realized, that as a trainer I needed to have one.

Biting the bullet
First steps: Get trained

Although I was current in first aid and CPR, I needed the AED training as well, which I did not have. So I registered for the first American Red Cross First Aid/ CPR and AED class I could find.

*Do not get tricked into doing an online course that offers a quick certificate. These WILL NOT certify you. The American Red Cross, American Heart Association, Your local Fire Department or Hospitals are the best bet for a real class. I do know that to get certified for real, there must be hands on instruction, which you cannot get online.

** Also look for a coupon online. The American Red Cross Class was listed for around $90, but I was able to find a coupon that gave me the same class for around $60.


Hands down the best CPR/First Aid class I have taken in recent memory.

All of my past instruction has been through my job working for the state or the Military.

The thing that set this class apart was the depth and knowledge of the instructor and materials presented. It just seemed like the information was more up to date than what I received at my previous employer. 

The class was very hands on. For example, I have never had to place a sling, or wrap a wound in any previous class, and I’ve been taking these classes for over 20 years (military excluded).

I think the coolest part of the class was the use of an AED

How it works is easy. You start CPR, and when the AED arrives, you place two pads on the person needing CPR. After that it does all the work. It tells you if and when to apply a shock via a quick press of a lit up button, then it tells you whether to continue CPR or not.









I know the price is steep (Around $1100), but it is a requirement. I’ve done a little research and
this seems to be the best AED for the money out there, and it gets great reviews. I also looked at renting one, but for what they are renting them for, you could easily pay for one many times over.

I am sure you could buy this same one many places, but after ordering a bunch of stuff online, I trust the folks at Amazon, plus if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping. If Rogue were selling them, I’d send you in that direction as well.

***A special note, you can apply for the Amazon Store Card and they will give you an instant $10 gift card if accepted, plus you’ll get a full year of 0% interest on your purchase of the AED if you don’t have the cash on hand to pay for one.

Hope you don’t ever need to use it.
But promise, if you do need it and don’t have it, you’ll wish you did.

Here is a quick link to the AED requirement in Santa Barbara County.
Check your Local County and State requirements on AED’s for specific info.

* Disclosure Per FCC You need to know that certain links from this article are to affiliate products for sale. What that means is that if you click on the link and later purchase a product from the site I could get paid. You can read a more in depth disclosure here if need be. So why would I tell you this? Well first it’s the law, second it’s the right thing to do and third I ain’t got nothing to hide. Since this site don’t pay the bills by itself, I figure providing a link to product you might want could benefits both of us.

See you in the hills.

See you on the beach.

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