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Four basic things you need to get fit.

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Below is a list of the four things that you need to get fit. It is short and to the point, but by the end of the article you should know what you need to get started. At the end of each section I supplied a link to a more in-depth article discussing that section if you need more info.


  1. A Goal

    This is simple. Without knowing what you’re trying to achieve you will fail. If you don’t set a goal how will you know when you succeed? How will you know if you fail? 

    You won’t!

    Unless you set a goal, you might as well stop right now. The goal should be achievable (with work) and not be unrealistic. It should also be tough enough that you cannot achieve it in your current condition. In addition it should include an investment you can’t back out of! 

    An investment could be tickets to the running event you want to enter, entering a fitness competition in advance, or even purchasing a swimsuit you plan on wearing to the beach in six months.  Make your goal real and you’ll have an easier time trying to make it happen.

    Examples of what makes a “good” goal. They are specific and can be achieved.

    A. Running a 5K in ten months (Investment could be hotel reservations and pre-registration.)

    B. Losing 25 lbs in 6 months (Investment could be buying a bathing suit, and planning a trip to the beach in six months.)

    C. Entering a local fitness competition in 12 months. (Investment could be paying an entry fee and inviting friends and family to attend.)

    Examples of what makes a “bad” goal. These are non-specific and have nothing invested. Remember if you have nothing to invest or lose it’s easy to back out.


  1. I want to gain some size. (Instead, try stating how much size you want to gain and where. Maybe it’s an inch in your arms. Plus there is no investment here.)
  2. I want to lose some weight (Instead describe how much weight you plan on losing and a timeframe to complete that goal. Then invest in the goal.)
  3. I want to fit into old clothes. (Instead pick a specific size you want to be, set a date and have a plan on how to achieve it. An investment could be tossing out your old clothes now and purchasing the smaller sizes in advance.)

    Here is an article on goal setting if you need more help.

  1. Equipment

I got you on this one, because it doesn’t require special equipment to get fit, especially if you’re just starting out. Body weight exercises will do wonders for you, so you have no excuse.

There are a bunch of body weight exercise videos online to get you started if you need help. Just do a search on YouTube. If your still having trouble, here is a link to a beginner’s guide, which gives some more basic information.

If you want to stock your garage gym with equipment here are two articles with lists of NEW or HOMEADE equipment.

  1. Time

You’re going to have to find time to exercise. At the minimum you should figure a good 10-minute stretch and a 7-10 minute workout and you should be good to go. As you get more fit, you might want to add additional exercises or even some strength training to your workouts, but for now that is all the time you’ll need.

* Plan on working out at least 3 to 4 days a week for starters.

So you don’t have the time? Bull.

Here is an article on time management that should help.

  1. Motivation

Well you must be somewhat motivated because you’re reading this. Most of the time people start off with great intentions then fizzle as time goes on. You usually see this right after the first of the year with New Years Resolutions.

If you have a problem staying motivated here are a few tips on how to stay motivated.


  1. Get a workout partner.
  2. Set realistic goals and go after them.
  3. Take a few photos with your clothes off and paste them to your mirror. I promise seeing them daily will keep you motivated.
  4. If you have the cash join a local CrossFit affiliate, theses people have enough motivation to go around and have no problem kicking your butt when you don’t feel like you can keep going.

    If you need more motivation tips check out this article on motivation.

Hope you enjoyed these simple tips. I wrote this as a reminder to myself to pick a new goal and work through some motivation issues I’m having lately.

I plan on setting a new goal soon, wish me luck (Might be a CrossFit competition and a Tough Mudder run).

Anyway, see you in the hills.



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