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Genius bashes CrossFit

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I am on a rant, because once again I came across a stupid article bashing CrossFit. Of course being a big mouth I commented, but that comment was never approved. So wanting my voice to be heard anyway, I decided to post on Bilderz.

The article which you can read here is a lot of blah, blah , blah and more blah, blah blah. Some good back slapping on how they do it better. Then the rest of her fan base (Personal Trainers) congratulate themselves on their degrees, skill levels etc.

My comment basically said this. “ It doesn’t matter how many degrees you hold, or how many certificates you have, if your clients don’t see results qualifications don't matter.”.

Am I am a true believer in this philosophy? Heck yeah! 

I tell all the people I train -

“If you still look and feel the same after three months (and you’ve been doing what your coach/trainers tells you do), it’s time to make a change.”

Here is an eye opener!!!!! – Oh and it’s meant to offend.

Just because you went to school, doesn’t mean you know jack about what you are doing. What it means is that you had the cash to play for a class, and the willingness to sit there, day in and day out, take tests, and study so you could get a piece of paper telling others you know what you’re doing.

 In reality that piece of paper means nothing when it comes to actually doing the work you were trained to do. What it means is that you stuck it out where others didn’t. It is the BEGINNING of your journey to knowledge and not the end.

I have met MANY highly educated people who didn’t have a clue about what to do on their first day of work, and fitness training is no exception.

So get off you high horse people.

Let your clients pat you on the back. If you’re good, their results will speak for themselves.

Oh and If the people you train still look like and feel like they did three months back, maybe it’s time to change things up. Heck maybe you should look into CrossFit, because even though you hate to admit it, people who do CrossFit look way better naked that those that don’t.

*Oh and next time don’t delete my comment and you won’t get a full article response.

See you on the beach.


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