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Get fit in seven minutes - A few times a week.

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Working out doesn’t have to take all day like some people would have you believe. I can’t remember how many times people have told me that they spend hours in the gym each day. 

Honestly by looking at most you’d never know.


I can’t say I used to be any better though. I used to be a big believer in the “At least an hour or more in the gym” philosophy. It wasn’t until I was introduced to CrossFit and cross training that my mind was changed. Working out of my own garage gym allowed me to fine-tune a program that works for me, which in the end reduced the amount of time I spent in the gym.

One of the greatest discoveries I made during my “trial and error period” was that spending more time in the gym didn’t necessarily mean greater gains. In fact I learned that my body responded better to quick, vigorous exercise, a few times a week, better than it ever did using the other methods I had used for years prior.

My schedule

Typically my workouts consist of a simple AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) in seven minutes, or a combination of exercises using 21-5-9 as a general rule for reps. Add to that stretching before hand, and any strength movements afterward and I’m usually done in a half hour or so.

I typically workout Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and take Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday off. When I’m getting ready to compete in an event (I’m not gracing any podiums yet), I’ll step up the time I spend in the gym to maybe 45 minutes to work on technique and maybe add a day of running during one of my rest days.

Like I said, I’m not gracing any podiums and have a long way to go, but for 40 + I ain’t looking or feeling that shabby.

My suggestion to anyone who doesn’t think they have the time to workout is to start with just ten minutes a few times a week and slowly add to that amount over time. Even a small amount of exercise, a few times a week will do wonders for you when you’re used to doing nothing.

Not convinced that you can get in shape in less than ten minutes? Try these in your living room the next time your watching TV.

*Make sure you stretch first and warm up. Oh and make sure you use a stopwatch or timer for all of these.

    1. BURPEES. As many burpees as you can in seven minutes. A burpee is basically you getting down on the ground, getting back up and doing a little jump off the ground with your hands overhead and repeating.


    2. AIR SQUATS. In seven minutes do as many squats as you can. Make sure your butt goes below parallel each time and stand up.


    3. 21-15-9. As fast as you can, starting with push-ups, complete the required rounds. So 21 push-ups, 21 sit-ups and 21 air squats, then move to 15 push-ups and so on. If you’re not able to finish in any one exercise move on and scale to a lower number the next round.

These formats can be used for almost any exercise. It keeps things simple, and you can mix or match exercises each time you workout, so things don’t get boring. As you get more comfortable with the basics and begin adding more exercises to your arsenal, you’ll really start to see the advantages of a shorter workout (rest does the body good).

Working out doesn’t need to take all day, nor do you have to have a bunch of equipment to get started. Follow the basic AMRAP in 7 minutes or a 21-15-9 formats and they’ll work wonders for you.

See you in the hills.




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