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Getting the most out of your CrossFit membership.

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I think one of the biggest pet peeves a coach can have is the “athlete” who doesn’t listen, argues, acts like the coach, disrupts class, and makes a general ass of themselves. This is sad, because not only does it make for a bad training environment; it might actually hurt other’s progress as well. If this is you, and you know it’s you, then please do yourself a favor and stop.

If you’ve taken the plunge and decided you can get more benefit at an affiliate than in your own garage, then read on and please don’t become one of these folks.

I hate to admit this, but surprise, surprise coaches aren’t perfect, they make mistakes on occasion and everyone, and I mean everyone is constantly learning. But here is the thing, they know more than you. You are paying for the use of the equipment and the trainers’ knowledge. So why not take advantage and get all you can out of your time there?

Here are some tips to keep on track and help you from making an ass of yourself. 

  1. Listen and Learn -

    Since you are paying for it, you might as well get all you can from it. I have seen this a bunch. Someone starts going to their affiliate, they have some prior experience training on some level, and within a month of signing up, they are experts.

    They don’t listen to the coaches, they ignore instruction, and worse they start “training” others. Here is the thing, unless you go down and get your CF-L1 trainers certificate, you are not a CrossFit trainer. For the most part, the people who are trainers have been involved with CrossFit for years, they have been there and done that, and are a wealth of information. Sure they aren’t perfect, and everyone, even the top athletes in the world are still learning, but I guarantee they ALL have more experience than you do.

    My advice is to listen to everything, apply it, and give the instruction a chance to work. If you think it’s dumb, do it anyway, I promise there is a method to the madness.

    Remember the constantly varied aspect of CrossFit?

    I promise CrossFit does things totally different than you’re used to, things aren’t the same as your old gym? If you expect them to be and you want to look and feel the same way you always have, go back.

    CrossFit is going to change the way you think about fitness, it’s going to make you a well-rounded athlete, and at times it’s going to be uncomfortable, but it’s totally worth it. If you want the old way of doing things, there is always a traditional gym down the street.

  2. Don’t argue -

    This is right in line with number two. Don’t argue because you will just make an ass of yourself. The coach isn’t there to pick on you, but to improve you. I know this sounds crazy, but the coach might actually be right!

    Let’s use some common sense here. Do you think it’s in the coaches’ best interest to help you succeed? I’ll answer for you, “Yes it is”! So why would they make you do something that wouldn’t benefit you? I’ll answer again “They wouldn’t”! You are the coaches’ calling card, you succeed, they get more business. You never show any progress and you’re out the door.

    So please don’t argue, or go get your Level 1 and become a trainer yourself.

  3. Show up -

    You can find numerous articles online about how CrossFit didn’t work for this person or that. Then you read the article to find that the person only showed up once a week. This is simple so read carefully “IF YOU DON”T SHOW UP YOU WILL FAIL”. This doesn’t mean showing up on a regular basis one week, then skipping the next, it means showing up ALL the time. If your life is hectic and you have to be away, ask your coach for a bodyweight WOD you can do at home or on the road. If you’re in an area that has a CrossFit, pay their drop in daily rate and do a WOD. There are NO excuses here, if you want to succeed you MUST show up.

  4. Change how you eat -

    An Actual statement “ I work out all the time and I haven’t lost a pound”. This is an easy fix, it’s your diet!

    I read something the other day and believe it was Rob Wolf who stated “Some people confuse their mouths with a vacuum cleaner”. This is so true. First you need to change the way you eat (Meat, Vegetables, some fruit, little starch and no sugar). To accomplish this you should shop on the outside isles of your grocery store. Basically if the food has a shelf life, you shouldn’t be eating it.

    One of the biggest things people forget about is all the sugary drinks they consume. From soda to fruit juice, that sugar ads up fast and will destroy your progress in the gym.

    Going back to the vacuum idea. Even with changing the way you eat, which will make you feel great, you still need to have portion control. Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean you need to eat what an entire football team would consume in one meal.

    Although I am not a calorie counter, it is an eye opening experience for most to see how many calories they consume in a day. I use  http://www.myfitnesspal.com, to input daily meals every once in awhile to see where I stand.

    My suggestion to anyone who wants to lose inches is to not change their eating habits until they have put in a weeks full of their normal diet in this website. The key here is to be honest and put EVERYTHING in.

    For most people it will be a shocking revelation when they find out their daily caloric intake in one day, far exceeds what most athletes need to perform at top levels.

    Once this has been accomplished its all about portion control and even weighing and measuring food so you can get an idea as to how much you should be consuming each day. (Follow this link for the zone diet).

Hope this list helps. I figure if you’re going to spend your hard earned dollars on something you might as well get as much out of it as you can. Remember, that regardless of the instruction you receive, only you can make the choice to succeed.

Oh and remember please don’t be an ass.

See you in the hills.


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