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Hand Tears Kill a Workout - Get back on track with WOD Repair Lotion

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So right before the FTF Affiliate Challenge (2014) I decided to do one of the posted WOD’s for practice. I decided to use a newer bar and absolutely knew I’d get a hand tear during the power snatches if I didn’t wrap. So being proactive I wrapped one of my trouble areas and proceeded with the WOD. It was around ¾ of the way through that I realized my wrap job just plain sucked. The tape slipped and I ended up with a sweet little tear.

Fast-forward to the Challenge a few days later, and the tear was healing on its own, but I knew without a doubt that I’d re-injure myself without a great solution. 

Luckily I met Ashley at WOD Repair Lotion, who hooked me up.


If you’re like me, you’ve tried every product under the sun. Yep, I’m a new product junkie, I admit it. Some work as advertised, some don’t, WOD Repair Lotion works as advertised.

It wasn’t an instant healer, that is not it’s intent. I won’t close a gash on your hand, but it will offer a soothing barrier of protection if you do get a tear, and offers preventative properties so you lessen your chances of getting them in the future.

So like I said, Ashley hooked me up. She applied her lotion, which mixes a special blend of all natural ingredients (Cera Alba (Beeswax), Theobroma Cacao (Cocoa Butter), Vitellaria Paradoxa (Shea Butter), Cocoa Nucifera (Coconut Oil), Tocopherol (Vitamin E) into a great product that soothes tears and calluses.

She assured me there would be no pain or burning before she applied it (there wasn’t), then she wrapped my wound with a waterproof Bandaid, gave me a sample WOD repair kit with instructions for future care, and sent me over to the ROCKTAPE booth for a great wrap job.

WOD Repair Lotion Small Repair Kit

I remember wondering “What the heck is the lotion gonna do?” Well the ROCKTAPE did the job of placing a barrier between my tear and the bar and the lotion actually provided a lubricant between the tape and my tear. The lotion is thick and not runny, which helped prevented the tape from rubbing the tear raw during the WOD, while its antibacterial properties went to work providing a barrier from infection, while assisting my body’s natural healing process, not hindering it.

The best part is that WOD Repair Lotion is ALL NATURAL!

Heck It hands down beats using Super Glue on hand tears to get through a workout ( I know dumb huh), which works in the short term, but can end up getting infected in the long run.

The Rock Tape held up through 3 WOD's 

My tear didn't worsen, no new injury! - Of course Ashley told me to remove the RockTape BEFORE
I showered, then told me to apply more WOD Repair Lotion BEFOR I showered and add a waterproof Bandaid, I didn't listen and the tear got a little water logged, My bad.(But I'm horrible with instructions)

So what could I have done to prevent the hand tear in the first place? 

Well, I’m pretty big on hand care and don’t get tears that much anymore. I try to keep my calluses filed down a bit with an Emery board. I work on keeping any rough edges smooth and I use lotion to keep them soft, and of course wrap if I’m going into a WOD where I have past issues with tears (Cindy).

The WOD Repair Lotion looks like a great addition to my preventative measures as a replacement for the random lotions I usually use, plus it has the added benefit of providing soothing relief on the occasion I do get a tear.

In their own words.

WOD Repair Lotion heals from the inside out because the beeswax creates a barrier between your skin and the environment allowing all the ingredients to go through the epidermis and into the dermis, thus healing from the inside out and not affecting grip strength.

Completely safe to put on an open wound such as a ripped open callus or freshly scrapped shin because both beeswax and coconut oil are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal so it will help kill off any bacteria that may be present. You won't need Neosporin anymore!

It can help many skin issues:

Dry flaky skin  

Cracked heels



Minimal burns (rope burn, razor burn)

Reduces stretch marks and scars

Chapped lips (literally the best chap-stick you will ever have)”

If you want to get serious about hand care, both before and after a WOD check out WOD Repair Lotion. I plan on adding it to my bag of goodies.

See you on the beach.


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