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How I am choosing to simplify my diet for success

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As someone who wears many, many, hats, it is not always easy to keep fit when having to juggle everything. Diet is one thing that I have always struggled with. I'd also say that it is probably the main area that keeps most people from reaching their fitness goals.

I am a prime example of someone who gave it their all in the gym and didn't see true results until I changed the way I ate. The problem is that most diets are not sustainable. In my opinion, most diets are so restrictive as to what you can and cannot eat, that they actually make you worse off than if you had never started them.


Simply, you starve yourself when following them, then when you can't hang in there any longer, you quit and binge eat to have everything you couldn't eat before.

I am so guilty of this.

I've tried strict Paleo and have been hardcore about it. I've done the detox, cleared out the cupboards. Followed it to the letter and have seen great results, but not the ultimate results I wanted. I always felt a little sluggish and tired in the gym. This was especially true when I upped my training for competitions.  The solution given for being tired was always "eat more fat". Avocados were my go to source, and while this seemed to work a bit, I never felt super energized. 

Then to feel full I would eat way more than I should have. Because of this I never got rid of those trouble spots on my stomach and sides.

I've also found that Paleo it is way to restrictive for me and my family. For a diet to be successful it has to be  sustainable. I'm not knocking it, in fact more power to those who can sustain it.

I seem to have most luck with a primal type diet. You know, meat and vegetables etc.. But even this has its drawbacks because if not followed in ZONE proportion sizes, you won't see optimal results.

Since the whole ZONE measuring thing with my busy schedule is out, Ive decided to wing it with a simple portion control system that seems close to my recommended ZONE block number. I know this is not optimal, but it at least keeps my portion sizes down and gives me a visual of how much of the good stuff I should be eating.


Another thing I'm planning is supplementation. I've recently started taking fish oil. Basically because my joints each morning were killing me. I did a little research and found this was the way to go. Been on it for a week with no will effects so we'll see.

As for other supplements I am leaning on taking some type of shake that I can take with me during training in the evenings. Advocare is what I'm leaning towards for several reasons, which I'll get into later in another post.

**** UPDATE*** Advocare is out, as are most other supplements. The cost for most just seems to outweigh the benefit for me at this time. 

See you on the beach.


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