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The FTF Affiliate Challenge 4 – My upcoming Visit.

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This February is going to be my second year attending the FTF Affiliate Challenge in Fresno/Clovis Ca. The first year I was attending purely as media. This year bilderz.com will be doing the same, but I’ll also be competing.  (CHECK OUT THE ARTICLE FROM LAST YEARS EVENT)

Yep you heard it, I’m also competing! 

Last year’s event was a lot of fun and at the time I told myself  “If you ever want to enter another competition, this is the one to attend”.

A few things that set this competition apart for me were:

1. They had ALL ability levels and age groups competing: Some competitors were obvious beginners, while others looked like they could easily make Regional’s. It was a great mix, everyone was cheering everyone else on like one big happy family.

It didn’t matter what anyone looked like, what he or she was wearing, or how great they were. As long as they were out there competing, they had fans and a large cheering section.


2. The Staff were SUPER friendly: The staff welcomed me, made my stay comfortable and I had a great time. I also noticed that they did the same for everyone else they came in contact with.

*One thing I’ve noticed at some OTHER fitness events is that every once in a while people including staff seem to be a bit stuck up. This is sad because it tends to discourage people from returning and maybe even competing in the future. You won’t find bad attitudes at this event. The people at FTF are wonderful!


3. The event was well organized: Nothing says professionalism like a well-oiled machine. These people have their #^(&*) together. When you enter their facility you’ll notice it’s clean and well organized. During the competition they had an itinerary and stuck with it. From a spectators point of view the competition seemed to go off without a hitch.


4. The judging is fair, impartial and consistent: I guess having well trained staff, volunteers, and clearly defined expectations help.

Have you ever been to an event and noticed that the person right next to you scored more points or somehow “finished” faster. The whole time your thinking “No way “! The bad thing is that this breeds resentment.

Seriously who wants to compete in an event where the playing field isn’t even. I’ve been to some competitions where everyone watching was left wondering if the ref’s were actually watching the same thing.

Last year I heard no complaints nor did I witness any shady/bad judging. The competition was fair across the board.

If I took notice of the judging, so did other people. Fairness and consistency sticks in peoples minds, maybe this is why this event keeps growing and growing and others fizzle away.


5. They have a Masters division that dips a little lower into my age bracket: I ain’t no spring chicken folks, and although I’d love to think I can keep up with the young guys, it normally doesn’t happen. I have aches, where I’ve never had aches before, and most days it takes me a lot longer to recover from a brutal WOD.


That doesn’t mean I don’t like competition though!

Hopefully this evens out the field a bit, which should make the competition a bit more interesting for all. I doubt spectators would want to watch me sucking wind two hours behind the rest of the competitors, which would happen if I entered in the “RX” division.  But you never know, the same just might happen in the “Masters”. 

So why a competition?

  1. It gives me a goal to work towards:  Nothing motivates me more than knowing I must train and stay in shape. I try and pick a couple big activities each year that I know I can’t back out of. This is one of my next year’s goals.
  2. It showcases my weak areas: This past year after competing in the Open and attending a few charity events, I realized I had a long, long way to go. Had I not competed, I would have never known.

    *This is especially true for those garage gym owners out there. Unless you get around others every once in awhile, you’ll always be in the dark as to where you stand, and where you need improvement.
  3. It’s a good time: Watching as a spectator is great, but being in a competition is much more fun. Remember the theme to “Rocky” and how every time it plays you want to stand up punch something?

    Well while watching this event you feel like you NEED to be in there lifting, running, and rowing.

    The FTF Challenge is basically a “Rocky Movie” for fitness folks in (Without the punches).

If you’ve never been to a competition or if you’ve always wanted to compete you really should attend. The Affiliate Challenge is well organized, has a friendly vibe to it, and the staff are second to none.

The competition has a many different divisions.

  1. Men’s RX
  2. Women’s RX
  3. Men’s Scaled
  4. Women’s Scaled
  5. Men’s Masters 40 - 55
  6. Women’s Masters 40 - 55
  7. All Masters 55+
  8. Teams


If you’re a CrossFit beginner, it’s no problem; you can still compete and scale the exercises if you need to. They offer prizes, they give money to charity, and it’s a good time for all.

I’d love to see you there J


Anyway see you in the hills or at the FTF CrossFit Affiliate challenge

Oh and be sure to check out my future training articles as I prepare for the Challenge Plus and exciting series showcasing one of my 64 year old readers, as she prepares for her first ever 5k in February.




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