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The great strength training pit most men fall into.

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Here is the thing guys; Strength training alone does nothing for your body except make you strong, and that is marginal at best. For most of you, and I mean the majority, you have to narrow that down even further. Strength training alone makes you strong in the areas you “Like” to hit during a normal workout. Most of you do the same few exercises in the gym, day in, and day out, or variations of that and call it good. You have no endurance to speak of, can’t tie your shoes without getting winded, wouldn’t be caught dead without a shirt on, have weak legs, and core strength, because you don’t deadlift, or squat, and the list goes on and on.

I guess what happens is that most men, see some photos in a magazine and say hey “I want to look like that”, they start their quest only to find out their body doesn’t transform overnight. Then they attempt to fine-tune their workouts to achieve that overnight transformation. Sadly they never reach their goal because they are either un-educated on what it takes, or unwilling to do what is needed to achieve that success. 

They stop or never start doing the exercises (Squat, Deadlift) that they would most benefit from, and end up doing some conglomeration of a chest, curl, leg-press, shoulder press workout and call it good.

The issue here is that in reality, this type of workout does nothing for them other than waste time each day. In the end they have strengthened certain parts of their body, while neglecting others. So sure individual parts might be very strong, but they are attached to a structure (the rest of their body) that is weak. 

In addition, the strength they do have is limited because it can only be used in very short bursts, for a limited amount of time. Don’t ask them to repeat that super feat of strength more than a few times, because they’re done. Never ask them to do any form of cardio because they’d rather shoot you.

So I pose this question to the average male. What good is strength training alone when, you don’t look better, you don’t feel better, only certain parts of your body are strong and others are weak, you can’t take off your shirt without embarrassment and the average CrossFitter can out perform you in most things you profess to be strong at?

Want that body you’ve always wanted? Want the strength along with the rest? Visit your local CrossFit Affiliate today.

See you on the beach.

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