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Getting the best "YOU" requires both exercise and diet. Sadly most people think that they can work their way into the body they want
and when that doesn't happen they quit. If you fall into this group, work out consistently, and still fail time and time again
you NEED to make some changes.

First you need to set realistic goals to keep you on track. Next you need to fix your eating habits. 

If you have tried to eat clean, and have fallen off the wagon more times that you can count, supplements may be the answer. Read
this article for more information.

What do you do when your to busy to eat right all the time?

See you on the beach.

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I am NOT a big supplement person. In fact, I believe most people shouldn't take any supplements until they have changed their diets and have begun to workout consistently (consistently means 3 months ore more). It is only after those changes are made, and people are still having trouble getting good daily nutrition, that I’d recommend supplements.

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This past week I got the shock (No pun intended) of reading an article which stated that as a trainer, I made need to have an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) on hand depending on my individual State requirements. 

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As someone who wears many, many, hats, it is not always easy to keep fit when having to juggle everything. Diet is one thing that I have always struggled with. I'd also say that it is probably the main area that keeps most people from reaching their fitness goals.

I am a prime example of someone who gave it their all in the gym and didn't see true results until I changed the way I ate. The problem is that most diets are not sustainable. In my opinion, most diets are so restrictive as to what you can and cannot eat, that they actually make you worse off than if you had never started them.


Simply, you starve yourself when following them, then when you can't hang in there any longer, you quit and binge eat to have everything you couldn't eat before.

I am so guilty of this.

I've tried strict Paleo and have been hardcore about it. I've done the detox, cleared out the cupboards. Followed it to the letter and have seen great results, but not the ultimate results I wanted. I always felt a little sluggish and tired in the gym. This was especially true when I upped my training for competitions.  The solution given for being tired was always "eat more fat". Avocados were my go to source, and while this seemed to work a bit, I never felt super energized. 

Then to feel full I would eat way more than I should have. Because of this I never got rid of those trouble spots on my stomach and sides.

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