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CrossFit Tehachapi an example of why CrossFit is so popular.


Community, family, and brotherhood are all concepts that have driven humanity for ages. The human urge to feel part of something greater, the need to belong, and to be accepted is something that is felt at a very early age.

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CrossFit Nipomo a perfect choice to get fit on the Central Coast


Last month I was lucky enough to get to visit CrossFit Nipomo again. The first time out, they were yet to open and were in the process of doing the initial demo. For that article (Read article Here) I shot Josh and the athletes doing a WOD outside. This time CFN was a fully functioning box, and a far cry from when I first visited. In a very short time they were able to accomplish the nearly impossible. Just goes to show what can be accomplished with a lot of hard work and determination.

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Two key elements to winning the weight loss battle.


There is so much crap out there about weight loss this and diet that it can be overwhelming. Add to that the “Testimonials” with before and after pictures and the picture becomes even more cloudy. Sadly there is no magic bullet to getting fit and losing weight. It takes work and dedication to be successful. Knowing that going in is well more than half the battle, but there are some easy tips that can bring on success much faster. Here are two sure fire, tried and proven methods for looking great, dropping weight and feeling wonderful. 

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It takes more than exercise to lose the weight and inches.


This past Monday, I was supposed to give my thoughts on nutrition to some of the athletes at CrossFit Tehachapi. Prior to the “lecture” I started thinking about what I was going to say, and who my audience would be.

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Getting the most out of your CrossFit membership.


I think one of the biggest pet peeves a coach can have is the “athlete” who doesn’t listen, argues, acts like the coach, disrupts class, and makes a general ass of themselves. This is sad, because not only does it make for a bad training environment; it might actually hurt other’s progress as well. If this is you, and you know it’s you, then please do yourself a favor and stop. If you’ve taken the plunge and decided you can get more benefit at an affiliate than in your own garage, then read on and please don’t become one of these folks. I hate to admit this, but surprise, surprise coaches aren’t perfect, they make mistakes on occasion and everyone, and I mean everyone is constantly learning. But here is the thing, they know more than you. You are paying for the use of the equipment and the trainers’ knowledge. So why not take advantage and get all you can out of your time there? Here are some tips to keep on track and help you from making an ass of yourself. 

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The best advertisement for your CrossFit affiliate is you.


Before I get to the guts of this article I think you need to know a few things about me. I am opinionated; tend to talk when I should listen. Offer advice when none is asked for. Have made an ass of myself more times than not by opening my mouth when I shouldn’t. Have a tendency to rub people the wrong way, and butt in when I shouldn’t. But with all these faults, it still doesn’t make me wrong most of the time, it makes me a bad messenger. If you’re reading this, regardless of your opinion of me, I hope it will sink in and possibly help.

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0 Comments Photo Of The Day - Day 28


Checking workouts at the 2012 FTF Affiliate Challenge.

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0 Comments Photo Of The Day - Day 27


The children's hospital of Central California benefits from the FTF Challenge in 2012.

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Third Annual FTF Challenge. Before they started holding it at the convention center.

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0 Comments Photo Of The Day - Day 25


Photo taken on my first visit to CrossFit BAKO. Man how things change, in just a short time since this was taken, four new affiliates have poped up in Bakersfield.

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