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CrossFit Tehachapi honors Memorial Day with Murph


Me and my family were lucky enough to spend Memorial day with the Folks from CrossFit Tehachapi. The day started out with Murph and ended at the park with a BBQ. Here are some photos of our awesome day. Thanks CFT for always making us feel right at home.Here are some photos of our awesome day.

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FTF Challenge 2012

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CFT Mascot.

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Taken at the 2012 FTF Challenge

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Josh Golden 2013 a couple weeks after his win at the 2013 FTF Affiliate Challenge.

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Five benefits of joining a CrossFit Affiliate.


So you have some concerns about joining a CrossFit Affiliate. You’re either worried about the cost, or you’re worried about getting hurt, or both. These are both valid and understandable concerns. I bet you’ve already spent a small fortune on this fad diet, or that new exercise gizmo, and are a little apprehensive about spending even more money to get the same results as before (none).  Plus you figure, why spend more than it costs to join a local gym right? Or you’ve read about CrossFit, seen the results of people you know, but are worried about getting hurt. Heck, the thought of doing some of the stuff you see online is scary, I know. But if done correctly the exercises are very beneficial and the risk is minimal compared to the rewards.

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Rryan Kingsbury Indian Hills CrossFit bursts onto scene becoming SoCal Regional Competitor


This past week I was lucky enough to get the chance to conduct a short interview with Rryan Kingsbury, owner of Indian Hills CrossFit in Tehachapi California, before he heads to the CrossFit SoCal Regional’s on May 17th-19th 2013 in Del Mar California. During the Open, Rryan consistently posted top scores week after week securing his spot on the road to the Games. As a competitor myself, it always peaks my interest when someone is able to come from near complete obscurity and bounce onto a scene which most of us merely dream about. What makes Rryan’s story great is that he’s just a normal guy. He’s married, has kids, a full time job as a Firefighter, and just happens to own an Affiliate. Somehow he is able to juggle a full life, a business, and stay in top physical condition year round. As luck would have it, Indian Hills CrossFit (Located in Tehachapi, CA) is just a short drive for me. I’m always looking for new talent, in the hopes that one-day, that talent will make it big. Call it ego, but I think it would be cool to say, hey I knew that guy when…

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Why I signed up for the CrossFit Level 1 Certificate Course.


I finally took the plunge and spent the cash to get my CrossFit Level 1 Certification. I’ve been on the fence about the decision for a while, mainly because I had no idea as to what I would do with the certification once I got it.

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Temporary Backyard Rig for pull ups and Wall Balls


Recently we made a temporary move after selling our house. We are currently leasing a home until we decide where we want to move for good, but that’s another article. The move only interrupted my training for a short time because where there is a will, there is a way.

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