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Update using a Mars Edit as a new offline editor

So it's been a hectic last few weeks and I'm trying to get back to normal. Because life has been so busy I'm trying a new offline blogging program to make my life hopefully easier. Mars Edit, a MAC based offline editor is the one I'm using for this post. I'm still on the fence whether or not I'll drop the cash to purchase it outright after my 30 day trial is over, only time will tell.

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The Flipper by Milo Fitness - Bring your WODS to the next level


I’ve been waiting for the right moment to write about one of the coolest pieces of equipment I’ve come across in a while. Since the Open is near completion, and the Regional’s are right around the corner, I felt this was the perfect time. Like a medieval piece of torture equipment, re-designed for the modern era, The Flipper by Milo Fitness is designed to make any WOD a grueling test of you or your teams true fitness level. The Flipper made quite a splash during the 2013 FTF Affiliate Challenge. With its unique design, varied functionality, and solid construction, it gathered a lot of interest as it sat there on the convention floor waiting for it’s chance to shine, and shine it did.  Teams, most who had never laid eyes on The Flipper prior to the comp, were in for a real treat.

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Sam Briggs Amazing Unofficial 13.3 YouTube Video

Unofficial Sam Briggs 13.3 Simply amazing! What more can I say. This was just added (update) and is the full video from Team Briggs, the video below this was the first "unofficial" video posted.

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Josh Golden speaks about his 2013 ReeBok CrossFit Games Open Individual Disqualification


A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of traveling to the coast to interview Josh Golden of CrossFit Grover Beach. I had watched him compete at the FTF Affiliate Challenge, which he won. The interview was basically a get to know Josh session, which discussed his training etc…. (Read Article Here) Fast-forward to today, and his 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open Competition has come to a screeching halt when he received a disqualification notice from CrossFit HQ.

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Perfect Blocks and PAZO Harvest Sticks my review


I received some free samples from Fortified Nutrition yesterday. The products they sent are specifically designed for those on a zone diet. Since my diet is not strict paleo and a carb or two hits my lips at least a couple times a week, I figured I’d give everything they sent a try. I’m not gonna go into all the science stuff or the benefits of either diet (Paleo or Zone), because I’d probably sound like an idiot. Just do a Google search and more info than you could ever use on either diet can be found in seconds.UPDATE April 1. 2013: The Perfect Blocks mixed with Almond Milk is FANTASTIC, especially when chilled, it tastes like a vanilla milkshake, (I wasn't a fan of it when mixed with water, read review below). I've been using my samples prior to WODS and they do give me a boost of energy, that I don't have without the drink. I ALSO LOVE having the PAZO sticks in my bag when I need a snack and will be placing my order soon. Now please read the rest of the article. :)

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Josh Golden 2013 An interview with a rising CrossFit Star


If you’ve read my past articles about the FTF Challenge (and you should because they are fantastic), you will have read my mention of Josh Golden. Who is he, and why the mention? Well simply put, he is one of the top CrossFit athletes in the world and I had the unique opportunity to spend some time with him this past weekend, conduct a short interview, and watch him and some other top athletes destroy a ridiculously tough WOD. These may seem like a bold statements, but when you realize that he has only been doing CrossFit for three short years, and made Regionals his first year (Last Year), all while still learning the ropes, you’ll understand why.

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2013 FTF Affiliate Challenge Finals Video Clips and my thoughts on the event.


I’ve had a couple weeks to reflect on the 2013 FTF Affiliate Challenge. The past couple of weeks have been hectic. Valentines day, a trip to Las Vegas to celebrate, and a subsequent family wide bout of the stomach flu (still in effect as I write this), have put me a bit behind schedule.

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The FTF Affiliate Challenge 4 - Day two in photos – The Competition


As is usual with two young kids, we didn’t get much sleep the night before the competition. Between the barking dog next door (pet friendly hotel), the nervousness of the impending competition, and two tossing turning kids, lets just say it was a long night.

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The FTF Affiliate Challenge 4 - Day one in photos – My Travels


Today I made the trip that I have been planning for quite awhile. After last years Challenge I mentally made the decision to compete the following year. Of course at that time I had a lot less experience than I do now (Which doesn’t say much). I had yet to compete in my first “Open” and thought, “Man I could do that”. Of course the Open “Opened” my eyes to how far I really had to go if I ever wanted to “really” compete.  Although I’d been doing WOD’s for some time, and had made great strides in weight loss, and overall fitness, I was nowhere prepared to compete on any level. So for the next year I did everything in my power to improve, which included leaving my garage gym, visiting several Affiliates, and even taking a few OLY lifting courses. When you start from zero, you have a long way to go.

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FTF Affiliate Challenge, Nano 2.0s, Bilderz Jerk Blocks, Rogue Fight Shorts and CrossFit Tehachapi


Sorry for the lack of posts lately! This past month has been super hectic. I’ve been preparing for the FTF Affiliate challenge so that I don’t make a complete ass of myself during the competition. In addition we’ve been working on Jerk Block prototypes we plan on selling, and this has taken up a bunch of my free time. I’ve got some my thoughts on both the new Nano 2.0’s I got a couple months back and a new pair of Rogue Fight shorts that arrived last week. Special Thanks.

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