^^Taken recently - February 2014 - FTF Affiliate Challenge - I dropped the weight, compete and feel great^^

^^2009-2010 Time frame.^^

At this point I was receiving compliments that I looked "massive" and my arms we're huge. I felt like I was in shape, but taking a photo with my shirt off changed everything. I realized that lifting alone, did nothing for my overall fitness. I needed a change, so I changed the way I worked out, saw great results, and never looked back. 

^^ At the height of my fatnitude!^^

I had fallen sorely out of shape, felt and looked horrible.

Things were about to change.

About Bilderz.com.
This site was started as a weight lifting blog and over the course of time has transformed into what it is today.

I write about my own fitness journey, travel to fitness events, and publish whatever.

Prior to starting this blog I reached the worst shape of my life tipping my scale at 276lbs, which was a far cry from my normal 205 four years before. Today I compete in several fitness events a year, have dropped down to 200 lbs, and feel and look better than when I was 21.

I'm 42, have two little kids, a wife and a very hectic life. If your tired of excuses and want to get in your best shape ever, let me show you how. 

See you on the beach.

Lance Fischer