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Disclaimer and Disclosure



Please consult a doctor prior to starting any workout or diet program. If you feel pain during any portion of a workout please stop immediately.


Bilderz.com is in no way affiliated with CrossFit, CrossFit.com or any other affiliates. It is purely an informational review site which I use to track my Fitness progress, review fitness programs and share this information with others.




Affiliates and Ads

Per FCC guidelines I must inform you that this site does profit from advertisers and affiliate programs placed on this site. Some of our review articles contain links that when clicked will result in me receiving payment should you purchase that product or any other product on their site. Whenever I write a review about a specific product it is because I have tried that product or brand. I will pull no punches and tell you exactly what I think, good or bad. I don’t provide affiliate links to products or brands I’ve reviewed and don’t recommend.

Here is how the whole thing works. Once you visit an affiliates website, reached through links on this site, I will receive a payment for any products you purchase on their site, regardless if it was the product I reviewed or not. Basically the company places a cookie on your computer for a specified period of time (each affiliate is different, most are 15, 30 and 45 days). If you purchase any product on their site during that time frame I get a percentage or portion of that sale. In addition to affiliate links, we also use Google ads to earn money from this site. When you click on an ad, this site receives a portion of the advertiser dollars spent by that company in the ad. These ads are clearly marked as Google ads on the site. Google ad code is placed in various positions throughout the site and when the page is served, Google delivers an appropriate ad. I do not endorse any products, services or companies listed in those ads. In any occasion, prior to purchasing any product or services using either affiliate links or Google ads on this site you should do your own research and make your own judgment regarding a company and it’s products. Hope I’ve been transparent enough, hope you like the site.

I am also an Advocare Independent Distributor, and receive compensation when you order products through my microsite on advocare.com or when ordering from me in person.


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