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Two of the tires for the upcoming first Bilderz Battle - Tire Flip comp were doing in December

Had these two weighed the other day. The large is 387#'s and the smaller is 206#'s. Format will be 5 minutes max tire flips, with a 20 burpee buy in. Free to enter, don't know the prizes, but winners will be titled "Bilderz Tire Flip Badass".

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Do you want to look great, but just can't seem to get there?


I know you, I have been you, heck I am you.

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Mobility products you cant live without when recovering from a tough CrossFit workout

A few of you have been asking about mobility products that I recommend. Mobility issues prevent many of you from performing at your full potential. Great mobility allows you to do more safely. I put together of products on amazon that you can purchase. If you're having mobility issues, get the "Supple Leapord" book as a start, you won't be dissapointed. The other items help you with recovery.*If you don't have an Amazon Prime account, get one. It gives free shipping on many products, plus they have free streaming movies. Wehave one, and it saves a bunch on shipping each year. Here is a link to the Amazon Prime Page. 

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Delicious Chocolate Meal Replacement Shake.


You can make this as healthy or semi healthy as you want. I figure anything is better than a real shake, or cheeseburger for lunch, you decide. I have been drinking one at lunch each day and they are pretty filling. My next step is to add some protein powder for an added benefit.

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10 must have pieces of equipment for your Biggest Loser home gym


If you watch the biggest loser you may be wondering what gear they use. Well the answer is easy, a lot of different stuff. One thing is sure, they all use cardio and circuit training to some extent.

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Setting daily reminders to help you reach your fitness goals

A tool I use to reach a goal is to set daily reminders.

These little reminders can be almost anything. From a note on a mirror, to a calendar that reminds you every day.

I wanted a visual reminder that I could share with everyone. I wanted a big one that everyone would know about, one that would force me to follow through and reach for my goal and succeed in my event.


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Pick a prize to achieve your fitness goals

The best way to lead is by example. I truly believe that if you don’t live it, it’s hard to sell it. No one wants to take financial advice from someone who’s always broke. They don’t want to take marriage advice from a multiple divorcee. And they surely don’t want to take fitness advice from someone who is not fit. There are exceptions to these rules but that is rare. Anyway, I am leading by example here and giving you a little insight as to what it takes to set a fitness goal and reach for it. The entire “Plutonium Black Project” is meant to show you my methods for achieving fitness success.

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Bilderz Beach Fitness Beginners Guide To Getting Fit


                                                         Please read everything BEFORE you begin

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Are sugary drinks keeping you fat?


Most of the people I train fail to see real results until they move away from sugary drinks. When asked if they drink them,most answer no! Then out of the gym bag comes an energy drink, sports drink or something similar. Most of the drinksout there, including fruit juices contain a bunch of added sugar. That sugar is keeping you fat.The best alternative is plain old water, but many people can't handle that. Another alternative is to plaesome fresh fruit slices in the water for a little flavor. If that doesn't cut it and you HAVE to have youdaily beverage, maybe it's time for a healthier alternative.Check out this article with my reccomendations.

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Exercise alone wont work and neither does diet without exercise.


Getting the best "YOU" requires both exercise and diet. Sadly most people think that they can work their way into the body they wantand when that doesn't happen they quit. If you fall into this group, work out consistently, and still fail time and time againyou NEED to make some changes. First you need to set realistic goals to keep you on track. Next you need to fix your eating habits. If you have tried to eat clean, and have fallen off the wagon more times that you can count, supplements may be the answer. Readthis article for more information.What do you do when your to busy to eat right all the time?See you on the beach.Lance

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