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Genius bashes CrossFit


I am on a rant, because once again I came across a stupid article bashing CrossFit. Of course being a big mouth I commented, but that comment was never approved. So wanting my voice to be heard anyway, I decided to post on Bilderz.

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Our favorite no-bake protein bar recipes


Protein is an important part of our diets, especially for those attempting to build muscle, improve fitness or lose weight.  If you’re looking to bulk up your protein intake with a convenient snack before or after a workout, but you don’t want to resort to protein shakes or products with hidden, artificial nasties, you’ve come to the right place.

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The Many Faces of A Reebok CrossFit Games Open Competitor.


  Every year we get ready for the Reebok CrossFit games Open, and every year we go through a sort of ritual leading up to the first announcement. Shortly after the first WOD, the reality that we may not be headed to Carson sets in and emotions for many begin to takeover. Below is a fun look at what I call the “Many faces of the Reebok CrossFit Games Open Competitor” and what many go through from my perspective.

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Hand Tears Kill a Workout - Get back on track with WOD Repair Lotion


So right before the FTF Affiliate Challenge (2014) I decided to do one of the posted WOD’s for practice. I decided to use a newer bar and absolutely knew I’d get a hand tear during the power snatches if I didn’t wrap. So being proactive I wrapped one of my trouble areas and proceeded with the WOD. It was around ¾ of the way through that I realized my wrap job just plain sucked. The tape slipped and I ended up with a sweet little tear.

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SLO County Games Rock the Central Coast.


How do you set a goal for your athletes, let people know you rock, and get people involved in CrossFit? You hold a kick ass event; you hold the first ever SLO County Games. Atascadero CrossFit did just that.

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The great strength training pit most men fall into.


Here is the thing guys; Strength training alone does nothing for your body except make you strong, and that is marginal at best. For most of you, and I mean the majority, you have to narrow that down even further. Strength training alone makes you strong in the areas you “Like” to hit during a normal workout. Most of you do the same few exercises in the gym, day in, and day out, or variations of that and call it good. You have no endurance to speak of, can’t tie your shoes without getting winded, wouldn’t be caught dead without a shirt on, have weak legs, and core strength, because you don’t deadlift, or squat, and the list goes on and on.

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CrossFit Tehachapi honors Memorial Day with Murph


Me and my family were lucky enough to spend Memorial day with the Folks from CrossFit Tehachapi. The day started out with Murph and ended at the park with a BBQ. Here are some photos of our awesome day. Thanks CFT for always making us feel right at home.Here are some photos of our awesome day.

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Rryan Kingsbury Indian Hills CrossFit bursts onto scene becoming SoCal Regional Competitor


This past week I was lucky enough to get the chance to conduct a short interview with Rryan Kingsbury, owner of Indian Hills CrossFit in Tehachapi California, before he heads to the CrossFit SoCal Regional’s on May 17th-19th 2013 in Del Mar California. During the Open, Rryan consistently posted top scores week after week securing his spot on the road to the Games. As a competitor myself, it always peaks my interest when someone is able to come from near complete obscurity and bounce onto a scene which most of us merely dream about. What makes Rryan’s story great is that he’s just a normal guy. He’s married, has kids, a full time job as a Firefighter, and just happens to own an Affiliate. Somehow he is able to juggle a full life, a business, and stay in top physical condition year round. As luck would have it, Indian Hills CrossFit (Located in Tehachapi, CA) is just a short drive for me. I’m always looking for new talent, in the hopes that one-day, that talent will make it big. Call it ego, but I think it would be cool to say, hey I knew that guy when…

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Brooks Running PureConnect2 quick look


Bought these for Mayra a couple days ago from Zappos.com and they just arrived!  These are the new version of Brooks Pure Connect, 2.0. When I purchased these I only found one review by someone with odd shape feet, who didn’t like the fit (go figure). Anyway version 1.0 got rave reviews, so I decided to take the plunge with version 2.0.  The ones pictured are the ScubaBlu, and are very bright in person. They weight only a little over 5 ounces (5.9 to be exact, as indicated on the brooksrunning.com website, but Zappos shows them at 7.0 oz, hmmm), but for a minimal shoe they do have some support.

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Burpees for Backpacks - The charity Dilemma.


A few months back I wrote an article about planning and running a successful event. The article discussed a lot of what I have learned over the years, good and bad. Whenever you think you know it all, reality comes up and takes a big bite out of your butt. Yesterday I learned something new, something that will affect any event I plan that has anything to do with charities. As of this writing I have begun the initial stages of planning a small fitness event and it seems it may come to an end before it begins.

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