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Exercise alone wont work and neither does diet without exercise.


Getting the best "YOU" requires both exercise and diet. Sadly most people think that they can work their way into the body they wantand when that doesn't happen they quit. If you fall into this group, work out consistently, and still fail time and time againyou NEED to make some changes. First you need to set realistic goals to keep you on track. Next you need to fix your eating habits. If you have tried to eat clean, and have fallen off the wagon more times that you can count, supplements may be the answer. Readthis article for more information.What do you do when your to busy to eat right all the time?See you on the beach.Lance

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What do you do when you're to busy to eat right all the time?


I am NOT a big supplement person. In fact, I believe most people shouldn't take any supplements until they have changed their diets and have begun to workout consistently (consistently means 3 months ore more). It is only after those changes are made, and people are still having trouble getting good daily nutrition, that I’d recommend supplements.

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How I am choosing to simplify my diet for success


As someone who wears many, many, hats, it is not always easy to keep fit when having to juggle everything. Diet is one thing that I have always struggled with. I'd also say that it is probably the main area that keeps most people from reaching their fitness goals.I am a prime example of someone who gave it their all in the gym and didn't see true results until I changed the way I ate. The problem is that most diets are not sustainable. In my opinion, most diets are so restrictive as to what you can and cannot eat, that they actually make you worse off than if you had never started them.Why? Simply, you starve yourself when following them, then when you can't hang in there any longer, you quit and binge eat to have everything you couldn't eat before.I am so guilty of this. I've tried strict Paleo and have been hardcore about it. I've done the detox, cleared out the cupboards. Followed it to the letter and have seen great results, but not the ultimate results I wanted. I always felt a little sluggish and tired in the gym. This was especially true when I upped my training for competitions.  The solution given for being tired was always "eat more fat". Avocados were my go to source, and while this seemed to work a bit, I never felt super energized. Then to feel full I would eat way more than I should have. Because of this I never got rid of those trouble spots on my stomach and sides.

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5 Things you should NOT be doing during your workouts.


I believe in telling things like they are. I am not a fluffy rainbows type of guy that tells you what you want to hear, instead I believe in telling you what you need to hear. 


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FTF Affiliate Challenge 2014 - An Epic competition.


Another successful FTF Affiliate Challenge is in the bag and this year didn’t disappoint. The WOD’s this year were a unique change compared to previous years. Not a pull-up in sight the first day, and no shuttle runs, but plenty of deadlifts, shoulders to overheads, plus a couple crazy twists. The workouts were a break from the norm and forced athletes to use their heads. On workout two, there was a 1K Meter row buy in before the real WOD began. After your row, you began an AMRAP of 5 deadlifts, three pistols each leg, then twenty double-unders. The time for the workout was set at 10 min, so it was short, but you had to have a game plan. Athletes had to use their heads here, because if they went to strong on the row, they’d be gassed for the AMRAP. If they went to slow, there was no way they’d get in enough rounds to get a great score.

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0 Comments Athlete Profile - Casey Hutnick - CrossFit Competitor


This last year I saw Casey compete at the FTF Affiliate Challenge and knew right away she would be an athlete to watch. I caught up with her several months back while doing an article about CrossFit Nipomo (where she happened to be training), and somehow convinced her to do a future athlete profile for This past weekend I got my chance.

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Josh Golden Speaks about his 2014 CrossFit Competition Season


It has been nearly a year since Josh Golden got thrust into the spotlight during a much-debated Disqualification for the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open. I was lucky enough to be granted the exclusive interview by Josh about what happened. What I found was that Josh is not only an incredible athlete, but a humble, sincere man, who just wants to help others get fit. The whole thing bothered him deeply, and would have destroyed most people’s love of the sport and community. Luckily, Josh isn’t most people. During the past year, Josh grew his Affiliate (CrossFit Nipomo), trained hard, put the past behind him and prepared to take the CrossFit world by storm in 2014. I contacted Josh a few weeks back knowing that three big competitions, in which he is set to compete, were just weeks away (The OC Throwdown, the FTF Affiiate Challenge, and ultimately the Reebok CrossFit Games Open). I wanted to see what he had to say about his chances this upcoming year, his past disqualification, and learn how a top-level athlete overcomes setbacks.

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6 diet tips to a killer body in six months.


So what is the secret to getting that great body you've always wanted? Well, sorry to say it’s not exercise. Not exercise alone that is. Without a change to your diet, you will never get the results you want. To make things simple, here are six tips that will get you well on your way to reaching your goals. 

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Spotting an CrossFit athlete my observations.

Just a quick observation. I can now without a doubt, tell whether a person is involved with CrossFit. How you might ask? Well, no it's not their athletic appearance, which normally a dead give away. My new technique is to spot the attire worn by most. The women are the easiest to spot. Stretch pants, knee or calf length, t-shirt (tight) and of course the head-band. There are variations to this, they come in the form of high knee socks, colorful wrist bands and even pig tails. The guys all seem to wear the "one size to small" T-Shirt, and fight shorts. Like I said, their athletic appearance, coupled with this attire is a dead giveaway. Can you spot them? BTW - I'm guilty to, heck I wear the board shorts and tight t-shirts many o time. And hey, the women ain't bad to look at either.See you at the beach.Lance
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This is how Not to prepare for the FTF Challenge.

Christmas was tough on the diet. Today I got back on track. Trained some folks this morning, with a 1 mile run. Then did a. 1700m row, ctb pull-ups, another mile run, some double unders. Hope I burned off the food I ate yesterday. How did you do?

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