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My diet roller coaster over the last four months


I haven't posted much lately, mainly because I haven't had much to say.

My diet roller coaster as I call it, is about four months into it's journey. First I tried out Advocare. I figured I'd give it a go for the blog, but just couldn't wrap my head around what to write about how bad I hated their stuff. I mean really hated.

From the over priced cost of the supplements, to the feeling that you were consuming a pill factory every day. Or was it the continual cramping (not hunger) pains I got about a week in. 

Maybe it was a cleasne that tasted like it came out of a camels ass. Anyway, I didn't write that post. Why because there is so much negative online, my post would never get noticed.

I took a short break to give my body time to re-adjust then decided, why not try something other than Paleo. Heck I've been on it for years. Although I dropped a ton of weight on it, I'd gotten skinny in the process. I was just to weak and thin compared to the old me.

So my next step was to try Eat to Perform. All I can say is that it was refreshing to be given the choice to eat everything. Not knocking it, but that led to me gaining 20+ lbs. Am I stronger, yep. Am I more muscular, yep. Did I go up two sizes on my waist, and look like a model for goodyear, yep.

Always on the search for the best, I saw a few interesting posts online about Normally I take those posts with a grain of salt, eveyone is always selling something. What peaked my interest was that they had photos, and the transformations were from athletes I know personally.

These weren't just your average athletes, weekend warriers, but Reginal competitors like Josh Golden and Casey Hutnick.

Anyway I had a talk with the owner Jenny last night. I liked what she had to say, but the price point may be my sticking point. Not knocking it at all, because if you are in it to win and it gets you the results you need it's worth it. The issue for me is deciding if the investment is worth it in my situation.

Either way, if you need the extra edge and are an athlete looking to bring your body to the next level, go check them out. If you don't trust me, check out progress photos.


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