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Pick a prize to achieve your fitness goals

The best way to lead is by example. I truly believe that if you don’t live it, it’s hard to sell it. No one wants to take financial advice from someone who’s always broke. They don’t want to take marriage advice from a multiple divorcee. And they surely don’t want to take fitness advice from someone who is not fit.

There are exceptions to these rules but that is rare.

Anyway, I am leading by example here and giving you a little insight as to what it takes to set a fitness goal and reach for it. The entire “Plutonium Black Project” is meant to show you my methods for achieving fitness success.


Goals are the stuff of life, or more precisely the prize at the end of the goal is what we reach for.

For example, if your goal is to make money, you get a job or run a business. The prize at the end is that you get paid. If at any time you found out that you wouldn’t get the prize, you’d move to another job that could provide the prize you wanted (money).

Everything we do in life has a prize that we want. They key to success is to want one prize, more than the others and go after it.

If the prize is not achievable, or you don’t think you won’t get it, you will find another prize to go after.

So how does this work with your fitness journey?

You need to find out what prize you are after.


If you can’t answer that question, you need to figure why you are doing this. You NEED a prize to reach for, or you are setting yourself up for failure.

So once again.

What do you want, more precisely, what PRIZE to you want?

Once you decide that, you set a goal to get that prize.

Simply put, if you don’t set goals or go after a prize, you will fail. Anyone can exercise and change their diet for a month or two. What happens in three months, six months, or even three years?

Life gets in the way, without a having something to work towards you will find an excuse and quit.

Pick a prize, any prize.

Get specific.

For example: If your goal is to lose 20lbs in six months, define why you want to lose the weight. Maybe you want to be able to fit into your old pants. Or maybe it’s to look great for vacation. That is the prize.

You see, that without losing the weight and inches, there is no way to win the prize.

Now that you have a six-month goal, with a prize, reach for that goal with everything you have.

Force yourself into an event you can’t back out of!

I am big on entering fitness events, so get involved with an activity you love.

It can be a mountain biking event, swimming, running or any other type of activity you love. If you don’t have a sport you love, then you can choose a local fitness competition to enter, they all have novice spots available and I guarantee there are many each weekend near where you live.

If you can’t back out, you will succeed.

Make sure you can’t get out of the activity. Make an investment, buy those tickets, get the hotel, get the gear, and tell everyone you know. Make a big deal about the event. Do everything you can to make sure you will actually be there.

Once you have made that commitment, and you want to quit you won’t. When you feel those late night cravings, you won’t give in. When you don’t want to workout, you will. Why, because if you don’t on the day of the event you will suffer.

No one wants to suffer, so you will do everything in your power to be the best you for that event. A by product, is that the entire time, you will be getting nearer to your actual goal, and getting the prize you want.

A  by product of exercise and a change to your diet is looking and feeling great.

Be realistic

Enter something you can do. Don’t set yourself up for failure! If you haven’t run in years and are overweight, running a marathon in six months is not realistic.

A better choice would be to run a 5k.

Instead of saying “ I’m gonna win, say I just want to cover the distance.”

After you have a few races under your belt, and you are getting faster, a long-term goal could be to win. An even longer goal could be that marathon.

Bite size pieces, and baby steps.

Please share this with anyone wanting to get fit and feel great. Please share your experience in the comments section below.

Follow along for all my “Project Plutonium Black” posts, and my next article. “Setting daily reminders to help you reach your fitness goals.”

See you on the beach.


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