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It takes more than exercise to lose the weight and inches.


This past Monday, I was supposed to give my thoughts on nutrition to some of the athletes at CrossFit Tehachapi. Prior to the “lecture” I started thinking about what I was going to say, and who my audience would be.

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The best advertisement for your CrossFit affiliate is you.


Before I get to the guts of this article I think you need to know a few things about me. I am opinionated; tend to talk when I should listen. Offer advice when none is asked for. Have made an ass of myself more times than not by opening my mouth when I shouldn’t. Have a tendency to rub people the wrong way, and butt in when I shouldn’t. But with all these faults, it still doesn’t make me wrong most of the time, it makes me a bad messenger. If you’re reading this, regardless of your opinion of me, I hope it will sink in and possibly help.

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CrossFit Tehachapi honors Memorial Day with Murph


Me and my family were lucky enough to spend Memorial day with the Folks from CrossFit Tehachapi. The day started out with Murph and ended at the park with a BBQ. Here are some photos of our awesome day. Thanks CFT for always making us feel right at home.Here are some photos of our awesome day.

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FTF Affiliate Challenge, Nano 2.0s, Bilderz Jerk Blocks, Rogue Fight Shorts and CrossFit Tehachapi


Sorry for the lack of posts lately! This past month has been super hectic. I’ve been preparing for the FTF Affiliate challenge so that I don’t make a complete ass of myself during the competition. In addition we’ve been working on Jerk Block prototypes we plan on selling, and this has taken up a bunch of my free time. I’ve got some my thoughts on both the new Nano 2.0’s I got a couple months back and a new pair of Rogue Fight shorts that arrived last week. Special Thanks.

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CrossFit Tehachapi one year Anniversary


Like a comfortable pair of shoes, CrossFit Tehachapi just feels right. Their small town hospitality, love of fitness and diversity makes them one of my all time favorites to visit. Their location inside Bear Valley springs, a small town just outside of Tehachapi, should be a hindrance, but somehow they make it work.

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CrossFit for Hope Charity event Tehachapi California

This past week for me has been a reminder that CrossFit is about more than Elite Fitness. At its core, it helps regular people live better lives and through those people it also helps those who can’t help themselves. Through numerous charity events held year round by CrossFit Affiliates all over the world, fitness has become the New Ambassador for Hope.

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Bilderz is doing its small part and giving away free ad space to a few CrossFit for Hope Donors.

I waited to write this post until most of you got paid. That’s right I’m asking for cash, but not for me, for kids. If your involved with CrossFit, you already know that they are having a worldwide charity event on June 9th to benefit St. Judes Children’s research hospital (More Info).

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Birth of an affiliate - CrossFit Tehachapi.

A couple months back I started e-mailing affiliates in southern California asking if I could stop by, shoot a few photos and interview staff for a series of articles I would be writing for the blog. I wanted to showcase their location, and maybe even some of their athletes who might be planning on competing this next year.

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