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Josh Golden Speaks about his 2014 CrossFit Competition Season


It has been nearly a year since Josh Golden got thrust into the spotlight during a much-debated Disqualification for the 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open. I was lucky enough to be granted the exclusive interview by Josh about what happened. What I found was that Josh is not only an incredible athlete, but a humble, sincere man, who just wants to help others get fit. The whole thing bothered him deeply, and would have destroyed most people’s love of the sport and community. Luckily, Josh isn’t most people. During the past year, Josh grew his Affiliate (CrossFit Nipomo), trained hard, put the past behind him and prepared to take the CrossFit world by storm in 2014. I contacted Josh a few weeks back knowing that three big competitions, in which he is set to compete, were just weeks away (The OC Throwdown, the FTF Affiiate Challenge, and ultimately the Reebok CrossFit Games Open). I wanted to see what he had to say about his chances this upcoming year, his past disqualification, and learn how a top-level athlete overcomes setbacks.

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Josh Golden speaks about his 2013 ReeBok CrossFit Games Open Individual Disqualification


A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of traveling to the coast to interview Josh Golden of CrossFit Grover Beach. I had watched him compete at the FTF Affiliate Challenge, which he won. The interview was basically a get to know Josh session, which discussed his training etc…. (Read Article Here) Fast-forward to today, and his 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games Open Competition has come to a screeching halt when he received a disqualification notice from CrossFit HQ.

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Perfect Blocks and PAZO Harvest Sticks my review


I received some free samples from Fortified Nutrition yesterday. The products they sent are specifically designed for those on a zone diet. Since my diet is not strict paleo and a carb or two hits my lips at least a couple times a week, I figured I’d give everything they sent a try. I’m not gonna go into all the science stuff or the benefits of either diet (Paleo or Zone), because I’d probably sound like an idiot. Just do a Google search and more info than you could ever use on either diet can be found in seconds.UPDATE April 1. 2013: The Perfect Blocks mixed with Almond Milk is FANTASTIC, especially when chilled, it tastes like a vanilla milkshake, (I wasn't a fan of it when mixed with water, read review below). I've been using my samples prior to WODS and they do give me a boost of energy, that I don't have without the drink. I ALSO LOVE having the PAZO sticks in my bag when I need a snack and will be placing my order soon. Now please read the rest of the article. :)

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