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Forging Elite Whining

OMG! Yep I used a term I thought I’d never use in an article but in this case it’s appropriate. Most of the time when I speak with anyone involved in the CrossFit community, I sort of feel like an outsider. I work out alone, I don’t belong to any one box and so here I am, an impartial, although non-silent observer of all things CrossFit. I call stuff as I see it, and yes sometimes that offends people. I’m ok with that though, because sometimes people just have to hear things that might make them uncomfortable.Occasionally when I offend a reader I might be told what to do, how to do it and usually with what body part to do it with. Normally I receive these instructions via email. Anonymity is the weapon of choice for these electronic warriors. You see, they feel strong enough about their position that they’re compelled to speak out, but no so much that they want others to know their true identities. They shield themselves behind their fake online personas and dish out rhetoric without having the guts or balls to put their good name on the line.

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