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What it takes to win a functional fitness competition


This past weekend we hosted our second Battle of the year. Battle #2 two consisted of 8 minutes of max tire flips, with a twist. Competitors had to first do twenty over bar burpees and run one lap on our dirt track.

Nothing tests overall fitness like multiple skills in one workout. This event tested both strength and cardio.

Had it been a purely tire flipping event, the big strong folks would have prevailed. Had it been only burpees or a run, it would have been the smaller lighter competitors who would come out on top. When you mix it up though, you test overall fitness, and that weeds out the herd pretty quick.

What does it take to win?

You need to be a well-balanced athlete. You cannot focus on one thing and expect to win. Focus is great if your goal is to win a marathon, but in something like this a marathon runner would get destroyed. Why? Simply put they are too specialized.
The same goes for a power lifter, sure they would do great at the flips, but for the most part, would die out on the burpees and run, compared to other non-specialized athletes.

What type of workouts can you do to be prepared?

Ever heard of constantly varied? If you haven't you should take a look at CrossFit.

Don't knock it, time after time it has proven that CrossFit athletes kill these type of events. At any obstacle race you will consistently see those who do CrossFit or high intensity circuit like workouts, near the top of the leader board.

They win because nothing else will prepare your body for the variety you will see at a comps like these or at a Bilderz Battle.

Will those who do CrossFit win every event? No, but they will be near the top.

Two-time winner Johnny Page

Take a look at our last two Battles, both won by Johhny Page of CrossFit Grover beach.

Others fare well, but he consistently comes out on top.

Why? Because his training does not specialize toward one goal. Basically he can do a little of everything, pretty well.

Sometimes you need an edge.

What do you do when you're at your limit physically? For many it's time out. It's at these times you have a choice, to keep going or do what your body is screaming to do, stop. Only those that push the limit every day, know what is possible.

When others from different training disciplines stop, the mind of a CrossFitter tells them they can, they just keeps going and going.

Winning is hard wired into their DNA.

Every workout, every day, is a mini competition. On the day of an event, it is business as usual. There are no surprises, because they know what they can and cannot do. They know where to pace, where to speed up and when to go bat shit crazy. They've honed their bodies into machines that accomplish the amazing. Their minds are trained to push past what seems possible, into what is possible.

In short they are the best, and can prove it.


So you think your fit? Prove it!

Our events are actually pretty basic and only incorporate functional movements that you might find in every day life. We don't even use barbells.

Instead we opt for sand bags, wall climbs, burpees, crawls, drags, tire flips and more.
This method allows those from all disciplines to come test their skills.

Where to train!

If you really want to excel and win, you really should give CrossFit a go.

If you're in the Five Cities area check out.

CrossFit Grover Beach
CrossFit Five Cities
Obsidian CrossFit
CrossFit Inferno
CrossFit Inferno Nipomo
Atascadero CrossFit

Or go to CrossFit.com to find an affiliate in your area.

If you want to test you're skills on our outdoor proving grounds, you can come on out Mon-Fri 4:00 pm (1900 Front Street, Oceano CA. Small drop in fee or monthly fee), or visit during one of our battles. Better yet, sign up for our next battle. All of our events can be found on http://www.meetup.com/Bilderz-Beach-Fitness-Meetup/

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Bilderz Battle #2 - Max Tire Flips wins $50

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